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Personalization Explained

Product Lines and Samples

Why settle for 1-3 photos of each child when hundreds of photos get taken! Why not provide the parents the option to see more of their child at no extra effort from anyone! Families can choose the traditional yearbook or decide to upgrade to a personalized yearbook, at no extra effort. Personalization is done automatically using the 100s of unused photos that are collected for the yearbook but do not make it in the one-size-fits-all school wide yearbook.

Here's an example page of our 3 product lines...

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Event/Activity Pages


Our patent-pending technology converts the school-wide traditional yearbook into a personalized yearbook by replacing photos on the chosen activity pages with photos of the recipients class. These are called myClass pages and can be added as extra pages in the traditional yearbook or replace existing pages in the traditional yearbook. Depending on the availability of photos for each classroom, in our current schools, we are able to include 35-85 more relevant photos per classroom in the myClass pages.

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Personalized Yearbooks include the name, grade and photo of the student on the front, back, or inside cover. Many of our schools use an artwork contest to design the cover for their yearbook. In that case, the photo of the child can be shown on the inside or backcover as chosen by the yearbook coordinator for the school.

Custom Pages


Additionally, a personalized yearbook may also include customized pages added in the yearbook. This is a great way to save selected artwork, handwriting sample, an essay or report they wrote, artwork, diplomas, birthday party invite, or memories from outside school clubs such as soccer or dance –– key moments from this phase of their childhood.

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About Me Pages

Supplementing photo memories with some prompts that the child fills themselves or with your assistance, will bring those "aha!" moments the next time you open this valuable keepsake.

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