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Get a custom quote based on your configuration and context


We understand changing a yearbook vendor for your school is hard! We do not want price to come in the way of choosing us! Our prices are very competitive with other vendors in this space. You can request a custom quote by filling the form below.


In addition to that, currently, we are offering a price-match with any other yearbook vendor's quote for an equivalent configuration, quality of the books and school year. We want you to try us and are confident that you will see increased sales and satisfaction from families choosing our innovative offering!


Our online ordering system can be configured to add a fundraising margin and choose an early bird discount, similar to what is offered by other yearbook vendors. Once you decide to go with Rethink Yearbooks for the year, we both sign a fixed-price contract, where the school pays NO MONEY up front. This is to clarify our terms and agreed deliverables for the school year and get the process started.

We're excited to hear from you! Please check email from us in the next 4-8 hours.

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