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Yearbook Design Software

We recognize the value of your time and money, which is why we offer to design the yearbook for you at no extra cost. However, if you prefer to design it yourself or have an yearbook club that creates the yearbook, we provide you access to a choice of two yearbook design softwares (Pixami and Memento) that have 100's of layouts and templates with all features of a comprehensive yearbook software – creating a ladder, assigning pages to team members, generating portrait pages, applying a theme, brightening the photos, reordering the pages, applying embellishments and viewing a print-ready digital proof. It also provides free workshops to help you learn best practices and additional spreads that can be inserted in the books if you need fillers.


Even if you have no experience in design, you can still use these design platforms. Their combination of user-friendliness and offerings have made it a popular solution for graphics design, publishing, and collaboration. Our representative is available to hop on a video call if you get stuck and need support. There is no extra cost to you for the yearbook design software.


Pixami is a leading provider of online software solutions for the creation of school yearbooks, and personalized, printed photo products including photo books, greeting cards, calendars, posters, canvas prints, mugs, mousepads, fabrics, and other photo gifts.


Memento makes it easy to request and combine video messages to create a Group Video for someone special, or build a Shared Album of photos with a group.

Want to learn more?

We offer done-for-you where our representative will create the first draft for you revise as needed. See some samples and ask any questions in a meeting with us! 

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