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​“Our mission is to make yearbooks more relevant and inclusive for families to connect and bond, reliving precious moments and creating new memories”

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Mudita Singhal

Parenting is the most impactful job a person can do!


Anuj Shah

Being a girl dad is the proudest moment of my life.

The Founders

Welcome to Rethink Yearbooks! We are a small and passionate team of photo and memory enthusiasts who understand how important it is to document childhood memories.


Led by our Head Mompreneur, Mudita Singhal, a former AI/ML Research Scientist and Product Manager with a keen desire of using technology to simplify our lives, and supported by Anuj Shah, a Netflix veteran who has built our patent-pending technology, we are dedicated to helping busy parents create meaningful and lasting keepsakes for their children.

Based in the Bay Area, our small team operates from home offices, using the latest technology to create stunning yearbooks that capture the essence of childhood. We believe that photography and memories are not just a way to preserve special moments but a way to build self-awareness and self-esteem, helping children understand who they were and who they are becoming.

Our goal is to make it easy for families to connect and bond over these yearbooks, reliving precious moments and creating new memories. We hope you and your family enjoy using Rethink Yearbooks as much as we enjoy creating them.

The Story behind Rethink Yearbooks

As a busy mom, I have always struggled to document and preserve my children's precious childhood memories. Despite my best intentions, I never seemed to find the time to organize all the photos, artwork, milestones and other keepsakes.

One day, while attending my daughter Aanya's elementary school yearbook distribution, I noticed how disappointed the children were with the lack of photos of themselves and their friends. There were hardly more than one or two photos of any one child. In an effort to fit more photos on a page, some photos were so small that you could hardly see anyone. It was then that I realized that the traditional yearbook format, which had remained unchanged for over a century, no longer reflected the way we capture and desire to preserve memories in today's digital age.

“Our innovative approach allows families to easily preserve and share their child's journey through school, creating a lifelong keepsake that captures their growth and transformation.”

After many years of waiting for other yearbook companies to innovate. My husband and I decided to put our skills and expertise to use and created Rethink Yearbooks, a personalized yearbook company that uses technology to showcase more of each child and their friends in their copy of the yearbook, eliminating the manual effort required from parents, teachers and volunteers. Our innovative approach allows families to easily preserve and share their child's journey through school, creating a lifelong keepsake that captures their growth and transformation. We believe that seeing themselves featured in their yearbooks, helps children build self-awareness and self-esteem, fostering a deeper connection with themselves and their families.

As we talked to more parents, we realized that our mission to make yearbooks more relevant and inclusive was resonating with families everywhere. Families are eager to get more visibility into the school life of their child who spends the bulk of the day at a school and is growing up fast. In addition to school memories, busy and overworked parents like me, desire easier solutions to document childhood memories better. Mom’s especially feel significant overwhelm and guilt in not being able to tackle the stuff that collects in the whole year and put it in a consumable form.

Our vision is that in addition to the relevant portrait photographs and photos from school events, School Yearbooks can become this one place to preserve key milestones, artwork, certificates, growth charts, birthday traditions, a letter to them, a handwriting sample, an essay they wrote and other such important artifacts, in a usable and lifelong keepsake.

We invite you to join us on this journey and support our mission by suggesting us to your school’s yearbook decision makers. Our direct to consumer product to document childhood will open to select beta users soon. If you are interested, please join the waitlist, here.

With love,

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